Arboretum Visitor Information

Everyone is invited to visit the arboretum!

No matter what the season, there is something to see in the arboretum-trees with interesting bark & buds, beautiful flowers and fruit, and colorful leaves in fall.  We even have seasonal wildflowers, in addition to a variety of wildlife that come for a visit too!

All visitors will be provided with materials for a self-guided tour.  For larger groups, tour guides may be requested in advance to teach you about the different tree species, landscape uses, and tree identification techniques.

Access is permitted during regular business hours only, and visitors should sign in at the front office.  Calling ahead is recommended to ensure accessibility.

Schedule A Visit

When requesting a visit, please include the number of people in your group, contact information, date or dates you are requesting and if a tour guide is desired. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but may deny a request if the day and time is inconvenient for us.

To schedule a visit, please call 904-259-3520 or e-mail