Dwarf Japanese Juniper
Juniperus procumbens 'Nana'

Plant Description:

This low-lying evergreen shrub has ground-hugging branches that form a dense mound.  When planted in masses, it forms a beautiful bluish-green colored groundcover.  The plant has a variety of uses, but is especially useful for erosion control on slopes where turf is difficult to maintain.

Mature Size:     6-12 inches tall, up to 5 feet wide

Growth Rate:    Moderate

Plant Habit:     Prostrate groundcover


Ornamental Characteristics & Uses:

Foliage Color:     Bluish-green

Uses:    This versatile plant can be used as a groundcover, planted in a garden border, on a slope, or in a rock garden. It is popular for places where branches can hang over a wall or container edge, can be cultured as a bonsai specimen, and is also suitable for coastal landscapes where salt tolerance is desired.


Growing Requirements:

Cold Hardiness Zone(s):    4-9            

Exposure: Full to partial sun

Water Needs:    Low; very drought tolerant once established.

Soil Tolerances:     Tolerates a wide variety of soils and sites.

Soil pH:  Acidic to Alkaline

Maintenance:  Low


General Care & Growing Tips:

Water plants regularly during establishment.  After establishment, plants typically thrive on rainfall alone in Florida but may need irrigation in times of severe drought.  A balanced, slow release fertilizer applied in early spring can be beneficial for growth and development during the first few years.  Mature plants do not require regular fertilization.  If a cascading shrub is desired, the plant can be staked initially at planting.  Shearing dwarf junipers is generally not recommended.

Common Pests:

This plant is generally pest free; watch for foliar diseases.


Photo Credit: Alicia Lamborn



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