Confederate Jasmine
(Trachelospermum jasminoides 'Variegatum')

Plant Description:

Despite its name, Confederate Jasmine (also known as Star Jasmine for its star-shaped flowers) is not a “true” Jasmine or a native to the American south.  Instead it comes from China, although it makes a nice addition to Florida landscapes.  This evergreen, spreading vine has dark green, glossy leaves and white, fragrant, showy flowers in spring.  It can become aggressive; the selection ‘Variegatum’ has green and white variegated leaves that are often tinged with pink, and is known to be a less vigorous grower than the species.

Mature Size:     Varies; depends on supporting structure

Growth Rate:     Fast

Plant Habit:     Spreading groundcover or climbing vine

Plant Spacing:     18 – 24 inches


Ornamental Characteristics & Uses:

Foliage Color:     Green or Green/White Variegation

Flower Color:     White

Bloom Time:     Spring

Attracts Wildlife:     Hummingbirds


Growing Requirements:

Cold Hardiness Zone(s):     7b – 10            

Exposure:     Full Sun to Partial Shade

Water Needs:     Moderate 

Soil Tolerances:     Moderately drought tolerant; prefers well-drained to medium-drained soils

Soil pH:  Acidic to Alkaline

Maintenance:  Easy/Low


General Care & Growing Tips:

Use this plant as a groundcover or grow on a supporting structure such as a trellis or arbor.  Trim to shape and control growth.  A few light applications of fertilizer beginning 4 to 6 weeks after planting may be beneficial during the establishment year.  Like most plants, a 2- to 3-inch layer of organic mulch is beneficial to retain soil moisture.


Common Pests:

Watch for scales and sooty mold.  No diseases are of major concern.



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