Cigar Flower
(Cuphea ignea)


Plant Description: 

The Cigar flower makes a nice addition to any landscape with its attractive small foliage and small, but numerous, orange-red tubular flowers.  Although this plant may be hard to find, it is worth the search.  Plants grow to only about 3 feet, but will attract attention in the shrub or perennial border. Many stems grow upright from the base of the plant and rarely branch.  Flowers are continually produced on new growth during the warm months in Florida and are very attractive to both butterflies and hummingbirds.

Mature Size:     2 to 3 feet

Growth Rate:     Moderate

Plant Habit:     Upright; rounded perennial shrub

Plant Spacing:     18 to 36 inches


Ornamental Characteristics & Uses: 

Foliage Color:     Green with some bronzing in fall.

Flower Color:     Orange-Red

Bloom Time:     Summer-Fall (Year-round in frost free areas)

Attracts Wildlife:     Butterflies and hummingbirds

Uses:     Container; specimen; mixed perennial border


Growing Requirements: 

Cold Hardiness Zone(s):     8b – 11

Exposure:     Full sun; partial shade

Water Needs:     Normal; Some drought tolerance

Soil Tolerances:     Tolerant of most soils  

Soil pH:     Slightly acidic to slightly alkaline

Maintenance:     Easy/Low


General Care & Growing Tips: 

Plants die back during freezing weather and should be cut to the ground after danger of frost in the spring. This stimulates fresh growth from the base of the plant and removes last year’s twigs.  A sunny or partially shaded location gives the best growth.  Plants should be mulched with a 2- to 3-inch layer of organic mulch to help retain soil moisture and watered regularly during establishment.  After establishment, provide supplemental irrigation during times of drought.


Common Pests:

Cigar flower resists most pest and disease problems.



Gilman, E. F. (1999.). Cuphea ignea cigar plant, cigar flower. University of Florida.

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