Bulbine 'Hallmark'
(Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark')

Plant Description:

Bulbine’s succulent, grass-like foliage forms a clump and provides a nice texture contrast when surrounded by other plants.  The species reaches 2 feet tall when flowering and has a 3-4 foot spread.  The cultivar ‘Hallmark’ is smaller and tidier, topping out at 8-10 inches with only a 2 foot spread.  Its delicate buds have a unique green center stripe, opening to deep orange flower spikes with filly yellow stamens.  This plant makes a nice addition to Florida landscapes, but may need a little protection from hard freezes in North Florida.

Mature Size:     1-2 feet

Growth Rate:     Fast 

Plant Habit:     Clumping

Plant Spacing:     18 – 24 inches

Ornamental Characteristics & Uses:

Foliage Color:     Green

Flower Color:     Orange, Yellow

Bloom Time:     Spring - Summer

Attracts Wildlife:     Butterflies

Uses:  Accent plant, mass planting, containers, or in rock and cactus gardens

Growing Requirements:

Cold Hardiness Zone(s):    8b – 11            

Exposure:    Full Sun to Partial Shade

Water Needs:     Low

Soil Tolerances: Drought tolerant; requires well-drained soils

Maintenance:    Easy/Low

General Care & Growing Tips:

Bulbine grows best if planted in a spot that receives full sun and has well-drained soil, though it will tolerate light shade.  Deadheading spent flowers is not necessary, but will encourage the plants to produce more flowers.  Clumps can easily be divided.

Common Pests:

No insects or diseases are of major concern.


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