Aztec Grass
(Liriope muscari 'Aztec Grass')

Plant Description:

While not native to North American, this clumping ornamental grass makes a nice evergreen groundcover for Florida landscapes.  Having green and white variegated foliage, it is eye-catching when planted in masses or used as edging for shrub and perennial plantings.  Spikes of small, white flowers appear in summer, followed by black fruits which stand out among the light colored foliage. 

Mature Size:     1-2 feet

Growth Rate:     Moderate

Plant Habit:     Upright

Plant Spacing:     6 to 12 inches

Ornamental Characteristics & Uses:

Foliage Color:     Green and White  (variegated)

Flower Color:     White

Bloom Time:     Summer

Attracts Wildlife:     N/A

Uses:     Mass Planting; Edging; Naturalizing

Growing Requirements: 

Cold Hardiness Zone(s):    6-10

Exposure:     Sun to Shade

Water Needs:     Low

Soil Tolerances: Moderately drought tolerant; requires well-drained soils

Soil pH:     Acidic to Alkaline

Maintenance:     Easy/Low

General Care & Growing Tips:

Aztec grass prefers shadier sites but will tolerate full sun, except in zones 9 to 11 where no more than 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight is recommended.  A single application of slow-release fertilizer applied in spring is beneficial, along with supplemental irrigation during times of severe drought.  This plant can also be mowed once a year during late winter to remove last season’s declining foliage.

Common Pests:

No pests or diseases are of major concern, but occasional problems with mites, slugs, snails, or scale may occur.


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