Swamp Chestnut Oak
(Quercus michauxii)

  • Like many oaks, the swamp chestnut oak makes a good shade tree with its broad, spreading branches and large foliage.
  • Also known as basket oak or cow oak, this 60-to-80-foot-tall tree is found on moist, periodically flooded, bottomland soils from southern New Jersey to northern Florida. 
  • While its name can be misleading, the Swamp Chestnut Oak does quite well in the urban landscape if provided occasional irrigation, especially during times of drought.
  • Besides its use as a landscape tree, wood can be used to make traditional farming tools, flooring, furniture, baskets, posts, and barrels.   The acorns are some of the largest in Florida, eaten by white-tailed deer, turkey, squirrels and hogs.  Cows also eat the acorns, as the common name ‘cow oak’ suggests.

Information Source: Quercus prinus: Chestnut Oak

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Photos by Alicia Lamborn