Mockernut Hickory (Carya tomentosa)

  • Mockernut hickory is the most abundant of the hickories. It is long lived, sometimes reaching the age of 500 years.  It is a medium sized tree reaching 50-60 feet in height and broadly crowned.
  • The leaves of the Mockernut are compound, having 5-7 leaflets. Leaves are shiny yellowish-green on top and pale green below.  The leaves and twigs have a rusty-brown, fuzzy appearance due to pubescence.  The top of the leaf is sparsely pubescent, with the underside densely pubescent. The leaves turn bright yellow in fall.
  • Mockernut Hickory nuts are edible for humans, although rarely eaten due to their size and taste.  These trees are preferred mast for wildlife, particularly squirrels, mice, bears, foxes, rabbits, beavers, ducks, quail, and turkey.
  • A high percentage of the wood is used for products where strength, hardness, and flexibility are needed, such as furniture, flooring, and tool handles. It also makes great firewood. Smoked hams are usually cooked using Mockernut Hickory wood. 

Information Source: Mockernut hickory Carya tomentosa

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Photos by Alicia Lamborn