Japanese Persimmon (Diospyros kaki)

  • Japanese Persimmon is a species related to Common Persimmon, but is native to Asia (China, Japan).  It can grow to about 30 feet when mature.  This is an excellent fruit tree for ornamental use and makes an excellent specimen.
  • Similar to Common Persimmon, its preference is for a moist, well-drained soil in full sun locations. The tree has good drought tolerance. Japanese Persimmon develops an attractive red fall color, and the tree is a sight to behold when displaying the bright yellow-orange fruits throughout the canopy.
  • A trouble-free tree, but the two to four-inch-diameter fruits can be a big mess when they fall from the tree.  Planting the tree away from walks and concrete surfaces is recommended.   Better yet, plant the tree in a loose, low-growing groundcover so dropping fruit will be hidden from view in the foliage of the groundcover.
  • Both astringent and non-astringent cultivars are usually available in local garden centers.  Our tree is called ‘Tanenashi’, an astringent cultivar with fruit that ripens from October through November.

Information Source:  Diospyros kaki: Japanese Persimmon

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Photos by: Alicia Lamborn