'High Rise' Southern Live Oak
(Quercus virginiana 'High Rise')

  • Live Oaks have large spreading canopies, which is one of the limiting factors in using live oaks in smaller yards and landscapes.  However, this Live Oak is a cultivar (man-made variety) called ‘High Rise’.
  • 'Highrise' has a low spread to height ratio. This means that, compared to a typical, wild live oak which can reach 60 to 100 feet in canopy width and 40 to 60 feet in height, a 'Highrise' will be only about 25 feet in width and 40 feet in height.
  • Insect galls (growths caused by insects) are often observed on oaks (and we have quite a few on ours currently) but no treatment is recommended since these are mainly cosmetic and generally are not harmful to the tree.
  • Live Oaks grow best in full sun on a wide variety of soils.  They even tolerate occasionally wet soil and have high drought tolerance and high wind resistance.

Information Source: Quercus virginiana: Southern Live Oak

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Photos by Alicia Lamborn