Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus)

  • Fringe tree (also known as Old Man's Beard) is one of the most beautiful flowering trees during spring bloom.  Flowers are white with ribbon-like petals giving it the look of fringe.  It blooms about the same time as dogwoods and azaleas, but often kicks in just as the dogwood blooms are fading.  Fringe tree is attractive to a variety of insects while in bloom, and to birds and small mammals when fruiting.
  • The bark of the fringe tree is a source of tonic and has been used as a diuretic and fever reducer.
  • The tree reaches 20-30 feet in height, with about equal spread.  The fringe tree grows on moist, rich soil near streams, but is adaptable to a variety of light and soil conditions, making it good for use in landscapes.

Information Source: Chionanthus virginicus: Fringetree

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Photos by Alicia Lamborn