Florida Maple
(Acer saccharum var. floridum)

  • The deciduous Florida Maple reaches 50 to 60 feet in height but is most often seen at 20 to 30 feet.
  • Displaying beautiful yellow or orange fall leaf color, Florida Maple is ideal for use as a specimen, park or street tree, or for use in woodland areas. The round to oval growth habit makes it an ideal shade or street tree. The edges of the leaves turn under slightly giving them a distinct appearance. The trunk on older specimens resembles that on the Northern Sugar Maple, which is an attractive gray with longitudinal ribs.
  • Growing in full sun or partial shade, Florida Maple will tolerate a wide variety of soil types but is not salt-tolerant.  Established trees look better when given some irrigation during dry weather.  While leaves will eventually fall, most remain in the central portion of the canopy thourgh winter giving the tree a somewhat unkempt appearance.
  • The limbs of Maple are strong and not susceptible to wind damage. Roots are often shallow and reach the surface at an early age, even in sandy soil. Plant in an area where grass below it will not need to be mowed so the roots will not be damaged by the mower.

Information Source: Acer barbatum: Florida Maple

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Photos by Alicia Lamborn