Flatwoods Plum (Prunus umbellata)

  • A native of the woods in the southeastern United States, Flatwoods Plum is a round-topped, deciduous tree, reaching 20 feet in height with a 15-foot spread.
  • It is most often planted in landscapes for its spectacular display of blooms.  It may look a little ragged in winter, but in late February, these small trees take on a white, billowy, almost cloud-like appearance when they are clothed in the profuse, small, white flower clusters. The blooms are followed by edible, purple fruits which vary in flavor from very tart to sweet.  The plums attract a variety of wildlife.
  • Flatwoods Plum thrives in full sun or partial shade on a wide variety of soils. When placed in sandy soil, it grows best with irrigation and some shade in the afternoon. Trees grow quickly when young but considerably slower when mature and bearing fruit. A bit weedy in growth habit, proper training and pruning can create an attractive specimen or small tree for planting beneath power lines or in other areas were overhead space is limited.

Information Source: Prunus umbellata: Flatwoods Plum

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Photos by Alicia Lamborn