Eastern Hophornbeam
(Ostrya virginiana)

  • This shade-tolerant tree slowly grows to 50 feet in height with a 25 to 30-foot spread but is often 25 to 40 feet tall, forming an oval or round canopy.
  • Hophornbeam has a lovely yellow fall color, and the small nutlets, which ripen in summer and fall, are used by birds and mammals during the winter.  Bark is an attractive orange or grayish brown peeling off in longitudinal strips.
  • This is a rugged tree, tolerant of poor soil conditions found in urban areas and should be grown and planted more. Can be purchased as a single or multi-trunked specimen. Multi-stemmed trees have a dramatic impact in the landscape with bright bark and wonderful form. Great for climbing.
  • Hophornbeam has a shallow root system and will grow in most soils except those that are wet. Often found on dry, rocky slopes with little soil, Hophornbeam is quite tolerant of drought and needs little care once established.  Relatively pest free.

Information Source: Ostrya virginiana: American Hophornbeam

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Photos by Alicia Lamborn