Small Farms / Alternative Enterprises

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    • Agronomic
      Corn, cotton, peanuts, soybeans, and sugarcane.
    • Flowers & Foliage
      Production, postharvest, marketing, and economics.
    • Fruits & Nuts
      Crop selection, specific fruits and nuts, pest management, and nursery sources and production.
    • Herbs
      Productions and marketing.
    • Hydroponics
      Hydroponic production, marketing, economics, risk management, seed sources, and greenhouse design, major crops, suppliers and manufacturers.
    • Ornamentals
      Business, industry, and regulation, and management of pests, fertilizer and nutrition, and water and irrigation.
    • Vegetables
      Beans, beets, cole and cucurbit crops, leafy greens, potatoes, strawberries, transplant production, tropical root crops, and many more.
    • Wildflowers
      Marketing and production in Florida and across the country.